Soal Bahasa Inggris kelas X SMA /MA Semester 1 Kurikulum 2013 tahun 2020.

     Soal Bahasa Inggris kelas X SMA /MA Semester 1 Kurikulum 2013 tahun 2020.
Sabtu, 14 November 2020

 Soal Bahasa Inggris kelas X SMA /MA Semetr 1 Kurikulum 2013 thaun 2020. Pada kesempatan kali ini penulis akan berbagi model Soal Bahasa Inggris dalam bentuk pilihan ganda. Lets go kita simak berikut ini 

Soal Bahasa Inggris kelas X SMA /MA Semetr 1 Kurikulum 2013 thaun 2020.

Untuk soal nomor 1- 7 perhatikan Dialogue berikut ini.

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Leonardo Hakim I come from Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara. I am a student of senior High School kemerdekaan. I was born in Mataram, on December 7th, 2008. I am now third grade of social program. Here, I live at Yos Sudarso Street number 15 Halaman Baru. I live with my sister here. My family live in West Nusa tenggara and I intend to return to Mataram after I graduate from my education. At School, I also a member of OSIS, an area to show our competency and to across our ability. From this program, I can show my ability to speech, to manage my team and also to creat a new program which is value our school achievement. My parents are teacher in Mataram.  I have a lot of friends and they are like brothers for me. They can help me when I face a trouble and rise my hand when I feel so lonely.

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When I come back to my home and small town. I will never forget my friends in here. I also want to continue my study to the collage. I really interested to be a teacher like what my father do before. even I want definitely to be a Doctor and want to give the people free medicine when they feel sick. That is all about myself. I am so glad to know you all. Thanks for your attention and may God bless us in our life forever and for our  beloved family.

1. What is the text tell you about?

a. Introducing 

b. Registering 

c. Speech 

d. Interview 

e. School event

Jawaban a

2. Who did the introductions?

a. New student 

b. New osis member 

c. New osis leader 

d. New speech participants 

e. Leonardo Hakim

Jawaban e

3. Where is the speaker from?

a. Solo

b. Mataram 

c. East java 

d. West Sumatera

e. NTT

Jawaban b

4. What is the first paragraph mainly about?

a. Speaker purpose 

b. Speaker argument 

c. Speaker opening 

d. Speaker closing 

e. Speaker statement

Jawaban a

5. What is the speaker do when he graduates from his senior high school?

a. Getting job 

b. Getting married 

c. Back home 

d. Continuing study 

e. Live his family

Jawaban d

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6. When I come back to my home and small town. What is the underlined word mean.

a. Kembali

b. Pulang 

c. Datang 

d. Tiba

e. Waktu 

Jawaban a

7. Thanks for your attention and may God bless….

a. Us 

b. You 


d. Am 

e. Me 

Jawaban a

8. I have a pen pal….. pen pal is very kind.

a. Bad 

b. Kind

c. Smart 

d. Handsome 

e. My 

Jawaban e

9. She loves reading books……books are in that cupboard.

a. Her 

b. Him 

c. His 

d. She 

e. He 

Jawaban a

10. Our plan has many challenge…. Has many challenges.

a. Our

b. Ours 

c. Theirs

d. Their

e. They

Jawaban b

11. I am going to wash…..hand.

a. His 

b. Her 

c. My 

d. Mine 

e. Him 

Jawaban c

12. She is sixteen and….school is in Indianapolis.

a. She 

b. Him 

c. His 

d. You

e. Her 

Jawaban e

13. The kitten is funny……tail moves fast when it’s happy.

a. Its

b. She

c. He 

d. Can

e. Could

Jawaban a

14. Sofia told…that you would like to have more pen pals from Netherlands


b. Am

c. Me

d. She 

e. He 

Jawaban c

15. I have several pen pals from UK. I write to….via e-mail every week.

a. They

b. Them 

c. We

d. They’re

e. Our

Jawaban b

16. My friends and I often spend along holiday in our hometowns……keep in touch via e-mail and WhatsApp.

a. They

b. Them

c. Our

d. Us 

e. We

Jawaban e

17. Do you like……pen pals?

a. Your

b. You

c. Me 

d. Am


Jawaban a

18. Andi : Endo, congratulations for being the first winner of the school speech competition ! Excellent. You really did it well.

Endo : thank you so much bro this is because of you always give me a spirits

Andi : I heard that you will be representative of our school in the speech competition of our regency. Is that true and I really appreciating it?

Endo : yes. Its true and you’re right.

Andi : I hope you will wind as well in the next competition.

Endo : I hope so. But I’m nervous and I feel very afraid, I can’t do what our school wants it.

Andi : don’t worry you’re very good at speech and I’m sure you can win this  competitions

Endo : thank you and I will do my best and keep fight for this opportunity. Wish me luck.

Andi : absolutely bro… lets go the bell is rank.

What is the main purpose of the Dialogue above?

a. To show the expression of congratulation 

b. To show the expression of suggestion 

c. To show the expression of promise  

d. To show the expression of complaint 

e. To show the expression of advices. 

Jawaban a

19. Where is the conversation taking a place?

a. At shop 

b. At and i’s home

c. At Endo’s home 

d. At school 

e. At street

Jawaban d

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20. Who will take a speech Competition next?

a. The students 

b. Their teacher 

c. His friend

d. Endo 

e. Andi 

Jawaban d

21. How does Endo feel for the next competition?

a. Spirited 

b. Nervous 

c. Consistent 

d. Commitment 

e. Statement 

Jawaban b

22. “I will do my best…… “what is the underlined word means?

a. Endo will take the competition as good as he can

b. Endo nervous 

c. Endo feel afraid

d. Endo never win 

e. Endo can’t take the time

Jawaban a

23. Why the people express this expression to they’re friends?

a. Because they done job well

b. Because they live at work

c. Because they lead the company

d. Because they create a new program

e. Because they’re smart

Jawaban a

24. Reno :That was great. You must be very proud of your achievement.

Reni : ……... I’m glad you think so. But I still have to learn a lot.

What will Reni probably respond?

a. Welcome

b. Thank you

c. I appreciate it

d. Kind

e. You’re very kind

Jawaban b

25.  Dedy: hello. How are things going on, Jeni?

Jeni : hi. Good, and you?

Dedy : I’m feeling great today. How was your weekend with your family in Batu?

Jeni : excellent ! we had lovely time there. You should have gone there with us.

Dedy : really? Hey, what a beautiful skirt you are wearing, it matches your blouse.

Jeni : thanks a lot. My sister bought it for m last month.

Dedy : wow ! That’s wonderful.

Jeni : oh dedy, can I ask you something?

Dedy : oh sure please.

Jeni : have you finished writing the book we discussed two months ago?

Dedy : yes, come to my room. Look at this. What do you think?

Jeni : terrific. I like the cover. Let me see the contents. This book is excellent. You really did a great job.

Dedy : thanks a lot. You’ve inspired me to do this. 

Which sentence is show us the complimenting

a. Lovely time there

b. What a beautiful skirt

c. Have you finished 

d. Oh sure please

e. Can I ask you

Jawaban b

26. Where is the dialogue taking a place?

a. At home

b. At school 

c. At shop

d. At farm

e. At office

Jawaban a

27. What is the dialogue mainly tell you about?

a. A beautiful day

b. A beautiful vacation 

c. Unforgettable moment

d. A lovely times

e. A bad luck

Jawaban b

28. What did they looking for in daddy’s house?

a. They’re book

b. They’re clothes 

c. They’re task

d. Jeni’s book

e. Dedy’s blouse 

Jawaban c

29.  How many participants in the dialogue above?

a. 4

b. 3

c. 5

d. 6


Jawaban e

30. Terrific! I like the cover… what is the underlined words mean?

a. Bagus sekali 

b. Indah sekali

c. Mantap

d. Jelek

e. Terkejut

Jawaban a

31. What about you? What would you like to do?

I’m going home and take a rest.

The underlined word is an expression…

a. Suggestion

b. Advice 

c. Intention 

d. Promise 

e. Compliment

Jawaban c

32. Expression of intention is used to…

a. Express suggestion 

b. Express your promise 

c. Expression your compliment

d. Expression of intention and your plan to do something

e. Expression of advice

Jawaban d

33. What is the purpose of Descriptive text?

a. To describe 

b. To tell the information 

c. To retell the story

d. To inform the reader

e. To know the proses 

Jawaban a

34.  How is a descriptive text start with?

a. A closing 

b. An opening 

c. An resume 

d. Objective

e. Descriptive 

Jawaban b

35. What is the main part of Descriptive text?

a. To describe the thing

b. To inform an information 

c. To inform the reader

d. To explain the reader

e. To persuade the reader

Jawaban a

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